Adelaar Insights

Underlining the social and digital innovation aspect of our vision, Adelaar Insights will provide all the necessary tools for your business to monitor and evaluate your CSR activities or any sustainability initiative. Using interactive digital dashboards, you will have access to data-driven actionable insights specifically tailored to your organisational priorities and needs.

Performance Management Service
With Performance Management Service on Adelaar Insights, you would not have to focus on observing every single aspect of your initiative. Adelaar Insights will do its quality assurance checks as per the set parameters and present all the data using interactive digital dashboard.

Intelligent Recovery System
For projects with numerous activities, sometimes it is hard to monitor every event. That can be a problem if there are small issues in one area of your project which, if left unattended, could dramatically disrupt the overall progress of the initiative. Intelligent Recovery System (IRS) on Adelaar Insights ensures that no disruptions go unnoticed. Offering dashboards to highlight the areas that need attention, your management can fix the problems immediately and get the project back on track before it is too late.

Real-time Dashboards
Adelaar Insights gives you the freedom to monitor and evaluate your initiatives in real-time. Whether it is tracking your CSR spending, or the number of beneficiaries impacted, real-time dashboards on Adelaar Insights covers all aspects of M&E.

Cloud-based and on-premise options
Security is paramount at Adelaar Insights and, therefore, in addition to offering highly secure cloud-based services, your data can also be stored on premise for storing sensitive information.

Daily Reporting
Being a highly automated platform, Adelaar Insights can deliver daily project reports right to your inbox specifically tailored to your business needs and priorities.

Outcome Progress Tracker
Keep a constant eye on your goals and how far you have reached with Outcome Progress Tracker service on Adelaar Insights. Monitor your outcome in relation to the key indicators and identify how you can further expand your project to new areas.