About Us

Synergie is a CSR consultancy and implementation organisation

Combining social and digital innovation to address societal challenges, Synergie is an integrated CSR and sustainability consultancy, planning, designing and implementation organisation. Synergie’s digital platforms also provide data-driven insights for monitoring, evaluation and showing the impact of the CSR or sustainability projects with corporates, government and NGO partners.

Transformation of CSR:
* Social risk perception analysis
* Needs assessment
* SDG materiality assessment
* Stakeholder engagement
* Strategy and program development
* Advocacy and cause marketing
* Training, curriculum development and capacity building
* Implementation / Monitoring and Evaluating
* Impact assessment and social audit
* CSR reporting and documentation

Synergie is a social enterprise registered under Section 25 (now Section 8) of the Companies Act in India. It is a 12A, 80G and FCRA registered organisation.

Our Vision

A sustainable and inclusive world where everyone has a net positive impact on the planet.

Our Mission 

  • To work on sustainable development initiatives with business, NGOs, academia, governments, communities and other stakeholders, for sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • To promote cross-­sector partnerships for addressing development challenges in an innovative manner.